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Hi Makeroid community and Staff,

I was working this morning and just saw an article on Google Chrome that says (translated from French to English) :

With Chrome 70, Google goes all the way to HTTPS

No more HTTP
The next update of Chrome 70 will be released on October 16 and will prevent access to all sites using the unsecured HTTP protocol. Google wants to push the HTTPS standard with its number one status.

Is the builder ready for that?

MIT are working on a new companion which supports https so hopefully it’ll be ready soon.


This is ridiculous.


I totally agree.

They already started changing Chrome’s behavior about SSL certificates: Chromium Blog: Evolving Chrome's security indicators.

That’s a post from May, and as it says, Chrome 69 includes that change and no longer features a green secure indicator.

More info & timeline: Marking HTTP As Non-Secure - The Chromium Projects


I was gonna post something like this but, I was like Ehhh, they’ll find out soon enough.

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