Google classroom implementation

I wanted to create a homework app which works with Google classroom Api but how do I implement adding assignment and seeing who has submitted?

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This may help you.

What do you have in mind? The idea is interesting.


Basically i just want to get data of students submitted their work and to assign work to a particular batch

But you will only have to take jobs from a specific group. Via API.

what do you mean by this?

There are millions of classes with your students. What will the app link to these classes and students?

This is my code:

var name = sheet.getRange((sheet.getLastRow()), 4).getValue();
var course = {
    name: name,
    ownerId: 'me',
    Logger.log('Course created: %s (%s)',,

I managed to create a new course using my app and this app script code but for updating it i require course id which i don’t know how to create can somebody help?

Where up Date ?

Like for updating the course of google classroom, i need to use course id which i don’t know how to make

This ?


Identifier for this course assigned by Classroom.

When creating a course , you may optionally set this identifier to an alias string in the request to create a corresponding alias. The id is still assigned by Classroom and cannot be updated after the course is created.

Specifying this field in a course update mask results in an error.

Yes im talking about this

I understand that you will create an alias for each class.
Did you saw ?

but how to do i tried it in my code but shows me error

yes but where to place it in my code?

Here’s my code

ignore copy to clipboard <> course.ownerId
Names must be the same. Try.



I have printed the course id too, and if course id was owner id then the value wouldn’t be null for course id in printing in log

I want to know how to make course id , owner id is perfect, there’s nothing related to owner id

First: relax because I’m standing with a cell phone in the sun and I don’t have a good view of the screen. Second: did you make the code? Third: You didn’t show the error or what you tried.