Google drive video player

i just want to ask that can we play google drive videos link in kodular video player?

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yes we can
give video link let me test
not too sure


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The link I have given is a example one you have put yours there.

and if u wanna stop video then put a button and get call videoplayer1 stop block it was easy i guess after seeing blocks

If you want the user to get option of timeline and pause you should set Video_Player1.Show Controls to TRUE

I have set it FALSE

pls mark solution if u feel any thing useful

Another thing the link that has been posted should not be directly be Google Drive Link-
Go here

Enter Drive Link and then click on “Create Direct Link”
And this output link you have to paste in the red part.
Hope it helped!


@Tekwizer thanks for the link, it will be helpful for me :grin:

No Problem

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Thanks everyone…
But i have another question can i direct the google drive link through the airtable in the app or i have to place shorten link in airtable??

Hi . You upload the already generated link to your airtable database (I recommend MySQL much better) since the driver has a download quota

Taking advantage of the subject, I would like to know how to put the exo player in full screen?
The exo is within two vertical organization.


You can play google drive vedio directly by deephost exo vedio player extension.that was paid & i don’t recommend you to use can use that on your own risk.because he doesn’t support his extension buyer’s

@Tekwizer It’s not working. Check this:OnlineVideos.aia (1.7 KB)