Google forms do not open when scanning a qr code in webviewer

Hello everyone, I have created a very simple application to scan QR codes (created for auto response google forms) for attendance tracking. But, for some reason when I scan the QR Code via Barcode scanner, the webviewer does not load. It just shows a white screen. When I cross-checked with other QR Codes, it works fine.
I need help. It’ll be much appreciated if someone could help.
Thank you.

May be you can show us your relevant blocks so we can help you…

Just remove bug tag from your thread. It not defined that it has bugs.
And show your blocks

How do I remove bug tag ?
I have already attached a screenshot of the blocks so that you can see.

Thank you.

Please find the blocks that I have used below.

What’s the result you got in label1.text after scanning show them

The result i get in the label1 is the data that is stored in the QR code in the form of text.
Example: URL and all.

Did you checked that the result is a URL…

what does you mean :thinking:

Yes, I made all the QR codes and they work absolutely fine when I scan from other sources.

Share your app video with error you told

If it’s not work than after scan open phone browser by the activity starter

please find the video attached.
Also, it used to work absolutely fine when I first created it, but then suddenly it stopped working.

As i see in the vieo it worked once…May be the reason that your mobile get the qr code wrongly…You can add if contains https:// for example else it says wrong url!..So it wouldn’t go to url else if it’s valid…

How can i do that? I have about 100 QR codes similar to the ones which does not show and I want to scan those on a regular basis.

Do you mean this? If yes, it still doesnt work.

Your code working successfully but you have to wait until full page load you can add progress dialog by notifer component until it loaded full page. Nothing is wrong in your blocks.

And if you are not interested in webviewer than use mobile browser to open this url

Okay, but the reason I am using webviewer is because i dont want to switch between external browser and the app again and again. I want to scan, get the result and scan again. (100 qr codes daily). It will be a very time consuming to switch between apps.
When I first created this, it was working fine but for some reason, it does not work now. Is there an alternative way of scanning qr codes, displaying the results on the same screen or another screen and scanning again?

Okay so I had shortened the URL for the qr codes, and when I try to use the normal ones (long ones) it works. Any idea why is this happening?

It works ?

It started to work because I added 'http://" before the qr code links.