Google Fusion Tables will be turned down December 3, 2019


(Pepocero) #1

Notice: Google Fusion Tables Turndown

As the article says, fusiontables will cease to function from December 2019.

It’s something to keep in mind before creating any big project with fusiontables.

(Nathan) #2

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(Pepocero) #3

Because Kenny has died many times… like me… jejeje

(Aravind Chowdary Applications) #4

You can use airtable instead
It’s faster and reliable !

I think…

(Pepocero) #5

I’m running some tests. What I don’t understand is that if I want to get the data from several columns and pass it to an initialized variable in an empty list, I have to add an airtable component for each column and use the GotColumn event for each column?

If I have 5 columns, do I have to add 5 components of Spreadsheet?

(Pme) #6

Nope with the one Airtable component you can do it.You dont need 5x