Google is taking an unusually long time to process an update

Hello dear koders I have updated the app and tried to implement with in app billing component but this is the third week and 5 days my app still show that is in progress waiting for a review.

Kindly I need your advanced help.


Why not contact Google about this. They have to accept or reject your app.


Sure @Peter I wonder why they don’t give any response because if it is not following their respective policy and rules they would have rejected else to update it.

I wish they cloud have rejected it so that I edit the app and remove it from in app billing.

Because the lower limit for the time frame required for the review process is, quoting Google,


And there is no upper limit. :slight_smile:


Hope you have got this message in your console account.

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It is also happening with me but be patient

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But not with me!

In last 2 months, i updated my app about 8 times with new features.

& All times it just takes 3 to 5 hours to process the update. After that it goes live!

It happened me first time

It is like I am tired I want to ride of it, and make it totally free how how can i stop this

Sorry @Peter I am tired about this long progress and I would like to make it free how can I stop that in app billings else how would I contact Google?

Stay cool! The previous version is still live on store. So no need to worry! Even if you contact google, they will simply tell you to keep patients.

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Real? I thought that I made a mistake with in app billing! So I wanted to remove that method then I make it free remove it in App Purchase because it is better I use AdMob than losing my users.

If there is a mistake that violates policy, it will lead your app update to a rejection. But the old version will still be live on play. Wait till Google play review your app. Meanwhile, you can check if the in-app-billing system is working peoperly.

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I don’t know if kodular team has fixed the problem that I heard that is was not working properly may one of the staff will confirm this.

HI Lily,

Can you let me know if your issue resolved?app updated? i am also facing same issue

When did you submitted the update?

i have submitted update yesterday

This is what I can see on first post.

hi yes i saw thank you just i was asking her app got updated? or still she have issue?

If your update doesn’t violate any policy, be assured that it will be published as soon as possible.