Google is the pain of me!

Hard to get stuff done, when you are based in Toronto and this is Google outage map.

Is Google down???

EDIT: Figured out by myself :laughing:

EDIT2: Yeah, I cannot access to

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You could say it’s an outrage :sweat_smile:


BTW, if you check, you will see that there’s a huge peak at 4 hours ago
Probably it’s when the issue started

This picture worths a million dollars:

When all Google falls down, except Google+ :joy:
It seems like Google+ is not dead yet :smirk:


Google+ is online xD

Maybe it’s :google::heavy_plus_sign: 's revenge for killing it :joy:


Definitely. Google couldn’t delete (or did not want) it’s whole database in two months. It is a strong one wich still confusing people. :google: