Google login doesn't work correctly

With the firebase authentication component you can login with google.

But when you do a logout, it doesn’t work.

It keeps you always connected with the same user.

There have been many updates of Kodular but it seems that this always remains the same.

Do you plan to fix it?
Is it possible?

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I checked it and yes there is an error…
Even when signout the current user stays there…
The error is occurring even when I uninstall and reinstall the app…
So strange

I have used , logout and clear my tinydb and also open screen1 where login screen works, and for me its working,

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First, the tinyDB has no relation to the firebase authentication component.

It’s just that the login works. You go to the next screen when you login, as you have programmed, but you always login with the same google account.

If you choose another account, you don’t login with it, you login with the same one you used for the first time.

Try changing your google account and you’ll see that you can’t.

One way to verify it: use the Logout block to logout of your current google account. Then use the Google Account Picker component and select another google account. Put the image of the logged in user. You’ll see that the same user is always logged in.

Tinydb has relation to application just once login system and i have tried my application with different ids and Google, for me its working, and i cant say anything z because you are not here to listen, so good luck with your app,

What doesn’t work is the Logout block. If you had tried it you would know that it doesn’t work.
Good luck to you with the apps you make

Before some days i used that and it was working, dont know if its working now or not, i will check it when i will be with my pc,

It works correctly with e-mail, but no with Google Auth

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It haven’t worked for me since the firebase auth component arrived on kodular…
Do you have any of your working apk or aia that you checked before?

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Are you using it with email password or Google login?

can you explain more clearly coz i have been trying also, and the logout didnt work. Say if i have two google id in my device and i use the logout block to log out the user, he is logged in with the same google account next time, there is no account picker shown (firebase auth)

i have used it with email and password, not with google direct, so with email and password it was working, but with gmail direct i didn’t check, i will check if it not logout with gmail logout, then we can mark it as bug.

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yes it is a bug

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@Kodular With the new updates you have solved this bug?

This should have been fixed with the release of version 1.4C.1

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Yes, Fixed Thanks

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