Google Login Error in Firebase

I am having trouble with Google Login in my App.
I have done everything correctly in the app to setup Email-password and Google Login and Email-password is working fine but the problem is in Google login.
Email-password working video.mp4 (4.5 MB)
See below Screenshots:-

When I press the button the following screen shows up

But after selecting an account nothing shows up and the dialog closes. (The app does not shows any error.)
Google login problem video.mp4 (3.8 MB)
(I have blurred the title because I don’t want to share my App Idea)

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Check if you register your app with correct package name or not and also make sure that you upload google-services.json in asset

Bro that stuff is fine because Email-password is working.

Someone please reply

And what happens in firebase after selecting account.

Bro the problem is in App not in Firebase.
I can use Firebase Console without troubles.

Did you submit your app SHA-1 fingerprint to firebase?

yes it is normal behavior, when a user taps on google account, it gets stored in firebase, rest is up to you what do you want to do after a user selects a Google account to login.

for ex Use - When Firebase Current user success block, set an img as user’s profile pic

I did that correctly. And if I had done that wrong than why the choose account box appearing

As far as I know it first asks the user for granting permissions to the app to access their email and name etc.

I have already set that. Currently I had set it to close login arrangement and open the home arrangement

Not sure but this is called OAuth and is used in web applications.

On YouTube tutorials I have seen that

It never asked in my case

I had already watched that video and there is no such scene which shows oauth.
In that video,
After selecting account app opens new screen not else.

Ok I agree with you both. But then why it is not working?
See these blocks
Or there is some other block specifically for Google login

Read the Firebase Authentication docs carefully, may be you are missing something

Share an apk file so that we can look at the problem.

I have done everything like adding SHA Certificate, enable Google login in Firebase, upload latest Google Services.json and to confirm all that the email login method is working fine

I can’t because that’s a secret project

Then pm that.
But wait…
Is it possible to solve any problem without knowing how it is happening?