Google Map, get Latitude & Longitude shows 0 (ZERO)

I have been trying to add get a my phone location sensor (latitude and longitude values) when clicking a button then placing the value to a text label.

Most of the time, it shows ZERO as a value.
When I open the google map app by google in the same phone, it has my location.
Am I doing something wrong?

here are the blocks:

See the Example App: Get Available SSIDs here App Inventor Extensions: WiFi | Pura Vida Apps about how to find out, if gps is enabled
Also set the provider to gps and lock the provider
Make sure to have a good gps signal while testing… You might want to go outside or at least close to a window…


I am pretty sure that my phone is connected to the internet because I am using firebase and I have a test button to know my firebase status.

I am testing it outside in an open area, but still can’t do it. I may be doing something wrong.

You might want to provide a screenshot of your new relevant blocks after adding the recommended blocks