Google maps component custom marker

Hi my name is Yeiber, I program in kodular.

I have a problem in kodular, with the google maps component, I need to add a marker but I can only add color markers, I want to place a small house and other icons on the map, but the block does not exist in the component, How to do to ingest that block?

Thanks in advance, I hope to hear my plea and can do something about it, greetings from Colombia, I will be waiting for your response.

At the moment there isn’t an option for custom markers in Google maps. The only thing you can do is change the color of the pin

Could you add this block please

Two ways …


I also want this features in google map, where you can add custom marker,but the only way for now is to inject Google Map API or use a webviewer, but i know the team will add it soon, you can request this in want section and create a poll to vote.

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can you help me with that

Can you let me know how to add pushpins on Google? I can’t get pushpins from the address input method according to the above method, please teach me please I have been longing for a long time

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It is paid but you might be interested.

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