Google maps info window clicked inconsistent behaviour

Describe your issue

My app records locations (stored in tinydb) of devices at sea. I use a google map component to show the locations of these devices and give the user the option to retrieve a device by (1) clicking on the marker on the map, (2) clicking on the info window - which requests confirmation and (3) takes the user to another screen to record details of the retrieval (see screen shot below).

It all works perfectly for the first marker. When I click on the info window for a second marker, nothing happens! The strange thing is that when I use the Kodular companion app, the problem does not occur (i.e. I can retrieve one device after another without any problem. The problem only arises when I compile the app and install the APK file on my phone… weird…

has anyone else had a similar issue? i.e. different behaviour on compiled app to companion?

Steps to reproduce the issue

  1. Add multiple markers to a map, including title, description, etc.
  2. display info window
  3. click on info window to navigate to another screen to perform other tasks
  4. return to original window with map and markers
  5. click on another marker to display the info window.
  6. click on the info window (and this is where nothing happens!!!)

Expected Behaviour

The app should behave consistently when an info window associated with a marker is clicked.

Actual Behaviour

as above

Show your Blocks


Android version

Android version 8.0.0


Show how you form blocks “databaseLocations” and “markerList”.