Google Maps Limit

Hi! I’am wondering what is the limit of using the Google Maps component. Can it handle 1 million or 3 million loads/renders per day without charges? or do i have to pay google services if it reaches a certain limit? If there is a payment after the limit, what is the limit of number of loads/renders of this component? Thanks!

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i d k if im right but have u tried brewbase
well ur idea is very good with planning

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in the design of kodular on google maps, it does not ask for an API key. how do the pricing and payment works?

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i think , you don’t need to pay for it

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i hope there is no payment. google maps has more details than the default opensource maps. because now i am in the planning stage of the app proposal and the budget should be at least accurate. if i am going to go for googlemaps, i have to make sure if it costs something if it has limits like the OneSignal in the push notifications.

That is not true. The best details are visible with the openstreet map component.

On the left Google Maps and on the right Open Streetmap. You can see the difference.

Open street map shows every small trail you can follow. Google Maps only has large shapes.

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thank you for this comparison. but i think it differs on specific locations. though i am still not sure about it. my map will be concerned in the Philippine territories. do you recommend that i will use openstreetmaps in my area?

You will have to compare both and see what works best for you i guess.

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even working on openstreet leaflet map component is easy .

u can see this so set it accordingly
but sadly u cant set indonesia as fix country

i hope it might not have bugs

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