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Good day everyone,
I have a small problem that I can’t figure out, so I thought id ask you guys.
I currently have a problem where I cant set a Marker onto google maps.
You can see how I arranged the blocks as seen on the image.
And I know I am using the correct value since I can zoom in onto the correct spot on the map.

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Show rest of blocks

Sure, I made a little test App to check out the maps features.
Butt it still doesn’t seem to work.

So I played around with the blocks a bit more.
and this is how you do it:

Json string doesn’t work that way (like list items). It has specific format.



Thank you! works perfectly!

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how was last result?. can you share apk so we can understand what kind of app is this.

I tried this way. But not working. Will you please show the screenshot of your code?

I am giving here underthe list value i used

{lat:14.436303,lng:79.964876,color:210,title:Roti Coupon 1,snippet:Collet your Coupon Here,draggable:true}

Testmap.aia (3.1 KB)

I made this little Test App it helped me out a bunch.

Note: only set one marked and then delete it again, the names of the marker are overwritten once set another marker.

Currently a little busy at work but if you need more help I will refine the app.

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Use For Each Loop to load data.

Set a list of lat and lng in variables and then for the variable list items run the above snippet

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Is it possible to change the icon too?

can you do this?

Just the color

Kodular team. Fix it please

It’s not what you need to fix, and because this icon option has never existed in the Google Maps component kodular, you may want to request this feature for a future update.

That’s what I meant.

i’m trying to figure out how to make a structured request as in documentation
my problem is that when i search a location by fillind textboxes with street, city country etc etc i have too many results (it seems)
i want to search a specific place, but i’m not able to make a structured request.
Furthermore, when i get the response i’m not able to extract lat and long

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hi, friend how’s the project?

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show your query

do anyone ave solutions for dis?