Google_Map Add Markers From Json

hi there, somebody can tell me how the string data has to be to work with this block?


[{lat: lat1, lng: lat2, color: 135, title: "Marker 1"}, {lat: lat2, lng: lng2, color: 218, title: "Marker 2"}, {lat: lat3, lng: lng3, color: 67, title: "Marker 3"}]

I think that should work


This is working, thank you, but i also want to add some description if possible. What is the keyword for that?

custom markers is avaliable?


Dear Sir, Will you please tell me how to enter the lat and lng

yeah it works ! may i know how do you get the color code ?

Hitesth Please show some code

You are missing the before the { }. It’s [{ bla bla}]

What is the square box? I couldnt see it.

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it’s " [ ] " [square braces]

Not this :sweat_smile:

He’s saying that you did not put the " [ ] " there.
Do like this - [{ bla bla bla }]

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This is the code I have given

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Does it work??

No. It doesnt.

what’s happening?

Its not working, Thats it

Please post what’s happening, if not, how we can help you?

The phone changed the characters… i wrote [ ] and turned into .

writing this reply from my computer, i noticed that the change was made by the forum, not my phone. nice!!

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im having the same problem it says cannot decode json

not working

Show your blocks

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