Google Paid Application Verification

I have an application which is paid on google playstore. Now I want to know that how to verify an user that he/she really bought that application from playstore using legal way. I think it is called licence. So, how to do that? Is there any extension or method available to do that?

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Store their gmail ID on your database like firebase or MySQL.and then verified on screen initialise

Then how to match that gamil with google playstore?
Yes I can save their gamil in my data base but how to know he is a real buyer and he did not download that application from out side of playstore…

try the


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@Taifun Thank You.

Some time ago, I’ve made this extension and is published on my github… I think this extension can help you .

Extension link :

Code to detect if app is downloaded from play store or not :

  public boolean IsAppInstalledFromPlayStore(){
      return GetInstallerPackageName() != null && (GetInstallerPackageName().contains("") || GetInstallerPackageName().contains(""));
 public String GetInstallerPackageName(){
      return this.context.getPackageManager().getInstallerPackageName(this.context.getPackageName());