Google play account payment

Good afternoon. I wanted to know if you could pay 25 dollars with someone else’s account and then change the account data to my own account. Possible?

I think it u can give access of that acount to your account but not completely transfer…
What’s your real problem please explain that so that we can help you in a better way
And why are you not paying money from your account…
And are u talking about g mail account or bank or other payment account???
Please elaborate

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If you are going to buy a new Google develper account,

Then you can do payment from someone else account but note that use your own Google account to create develper account.

After payment keep the transaction details for future reference.

the reason is that my bank card has no credit form. the payment of 25 dollars is credit. I have debt

You can do this from your friends bank account.

with his permission :sweat_smile::joy:

Its the solution that @The_K_Studio said use your friends bsnk account for payment and don’t use his g mail account for buying developer account

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Thanks friends

hahahahahha thanks friend