Google play console data security

Please help me. When specifying information in the “data security” section in the google play console, I select all types of data, but each time my application is rejected. My application uses three permissions: read_phone_state, write_external_storage, read_external_storage. What data should I fill in this section in google play console?

you might want to provide the reason, why it is rejected…

The reason is that I do not specify all the data, but I do not understand what exactly needs to be specified, in addition to reading memory and determining the phone number

where exactly is the data security section?
probably a screenshot could help to better understand, what you are talking about…

I seem to have solved this problem, it was necessary to specify the definition of the exact location

Hi, @mrk_is402 . It seems I have the same problem:

Google said:

Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):

  • SPLIT_BUNDLE 14: Data sent off device undeclared in Data safety form : Location Data Type - Precise Location

How did you solve this problem in detail?? I would be appreciated if you could say how.

I do not why does kodular uses Location Data in an app of maths??

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