Google Play Error: Failed to run aapt dump badging: AndroidManifest.xml:5: error: ERROR: missing 'android:name' for uses-permission

I have a problem: when I publish the APK into Google Play I get this error:
Failed to run aapt dump badging: AndroidManifest.xml:5: error: ERROR: missing 'android:name' for uses-permission

I think it is a StartActivity problem…
These are my blocks about it:

Thanks for yor help!

Are you using any extensions? If yes, then which one(s)?

Yes, I’m using these:

  • Android Themes
  • Snackbar
  • Sidebar


  • Get TinyDB


  • Special Tools


  • i18n (but I don’t use it at the moment, I will use it in the future…)


  • Dialogs

  • Webviewer Dialog

However, the problem is not caused by extensions, because before I added the Activity Starter it worked well…

I think the problem is in one of Dendritas extensions. I have heard of some problems with it

Ps: I created WebViewerDialog, not @vishwasadiga :wink:


Oh sorry, the package name is com.wishwasadiga.webviewerdialog

Um actually, my extension package is edu.moliata.webviewerdialog, either @vishwasadiga copied my extension or you downloaded renamed extension

No. I haven’t copied any extension. No clue as to how my name got in there…


जब packagename change करते हैं तो error आता हैं

Failed to run aapt dump badging:
ERROR: dump failed because no AndroidManifest.xml found

I got this to, when i publish the APK into Google Play.
What should i do?

Extensions made by Andres Daniel Cotes may cause this however I don’t remember which ones do this.


Did you use dendritas table or what. I use that in my app too but my app is in developing so not finish.
Can i use dendritas table or not.

Do you mean Vishwas or am I just seeing this incorrectly? Yes, you’re incorrect, it’s Vishwas. [Free] Releasing the Dialogs Extension - ClassicExtensions - Community (It’s an example of his package name). If it seems I came off a bit rude, don’t think of it like that :sweat_smile:

if you are using the free version then the answer is yes, it doesn’t have that code that causes the error however it has an strange permission request




Ok you mean, if the user opens the sceen where the table is, he will asked if he allowed the permissions.
Ok than i will not use it becaue the user gets scary if they get a few permissions to allowed.
Or do i see that wrong. ?
And for that extension so much permissions confuse me.
I hope the developer will solve that problem bc the extension is a useful extension.