Google Play Game Services support


(Arda Çebi) #1


Is it possible to add Google Play Game Services to Makeroid? To let the user achieve achievements while playing a game created with Makeroid?

(Pavitra Golchha) #2

It’s already in the queue.

(Arda Çebi) #3

so, when do you think it would come?

(Pavitra Golchha) #4

Maybe with Christmas update

(Arda Çebi) #5

Hopefully, because I would like to create a game that has achievements on it :slight_smile:.

(Arda Çebi) #6

so this didn’t happen with the Christmas Update, when do you think it will be hapenning?

(Pavitra Golchha) #7

Google has recently deprecated some Google Play Games API so I have to rewrite the component with new API. That’s why it’s taking time.

(Arda Çebi) #8

Oh, understood.

So will it be live with the “Next” update?

(Marggx) #9

any new updates on this will the Google play service componend still in planning ?