Google Play Games Login ERROR

Hello everyone! I have tried to use Google Play Games to login into my app, but those blocks don’t work. Why? How to fix it? Thanks!
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Hi @JaviR3TicS,
have you filled this property:

Yes, of course

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You can follow this guide:
It’s really useful.I’ve found that many used it and it worked :grinning:

P.S: i’ve used the chrome google translate icon to translate it from turkish :crazy_face:

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I did all that steps, but the problem are the blocks, they don’t work correctly…

So what happens?You haven’t munition this?

When I select the account to login, it doesn’t do nothing, and it supposes to open the screen “Quiz”

You can try removing the if then statement.And using is signed in block to detect if the user signed in or not.

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Ok. I’ll try it

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It doesn’t work yet. Try it by yourself, maybe you find what is the problem. I dm you the apk

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Do you know how to solve it? @Mohamed_Tamer

Please, someone can help me? I have tried everything and it doesn’t work :cry::cry::cry:

I’m really sorry.My mobile isn’t working nowadays and i can’t test any thing.i will try now to test it on another mobile now.

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Thanks a lot! :blue_heart:

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Hi @JaviR3TicS, please were you ever able to get this working? I have same problem.