Google Play publishing error

I am publishing app using .aab bundle, i get this error is this normal ?

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You could try to sign your App Bundle with a different key.
In the creator, go to Account, preferences :gear:, and create a new Keystore by clicking Overwrite Keystore:

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if we change the keystore file will it not impact existing apps on play store ?

I have found the solution and uploaded my app successfully, using below process, mentioning here so that other can benefit. Please ignore if you already know this steps :slight_smile:

In-order to fix the issue without impacting existing apps, you need to follow below steps.

java -jar pepk.jar --keystore=android.keystore --alias=androidkey --include-cert --encryptionkey=eb10fe8f7c7c9df715022017b00c6471f8ba8170b13049a11e6c09ffe3056a104a3bbe4ac5a955f4ba4fe93fc8cef27558a3eb9d2a529a2092761fb833b656cd48b9de6a

Upload file to app-signing and then upload the .aab file to release

Android keystore file can be downloaded from Kodular settings.


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Thanks for showing the solution.

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