Google Play upload problem with Google Play App Signing

i make a one calender ar no copy i make it own my ideya but i can uploade it

You enrolled in App Signing for a previous app.

Google does not provide the option to disable App Signing after you have enabled it.

You should create a new App entry with App Signing disabled.

When you will try to upload the new production apk, you will be asked to Enroll for App Signing, please select Not Now


that’s my secend app i want to publish fast tume my brother public my app he was busy so he can’t help me or i don’t understand bro can you give me a tutorial
oh and i creack a key from kodular and import it in my app but same problem

I do not know what you are asking. You have to upload this as a new APK and ensure you do not select App Signing.

If you do not know how to upload an APK you should search You Tube.

As far I know, not enabling and enabling the “Google Play App Signing” won’t change anything.

Because I can upload app to Google Play with Google Play App Signing enabled. After you enable the Google Play App Signing, all uploaded APKs must have same keystore.

Maybe creating new app without App Signing can solve this problem like @cian said. But I’m not sure. However you can try that too:

You have key problems of your app. Someone opened a topic before with same problem. Then, Boban said that:

Also this can help you about Google Play App Signing here:

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