Google Sans Support


is it possible to add Google Sans Font to apps? If so, please bring to the list with fonts in Kodular. I saw in some third-party-apps recently and were wondering because before I thougth it is not possible to use it for license reasons. But if it is legal, please add.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Google Sans is forbidden to use except Google’s itself.

There are a lot of other fonts similar to Google Sans. So you can use them without copyright issues or something.

I’m wondering if this is in connection to the question that was just asked yesterday :thinking:

I asked the developers of that tool (Lawnchair V2) and they told me it is Google Sans, not a similar one.

Maybe they asked for permission from Google about using Google Sans. Also, according the Lawnchair’s screenshots, they not using Google Sans. Example: The “a” letter.

Lawnchair: “And the one used in titles is Google Sans. Btw you can’t just use it anywhere, since it’s licensed to google”

Me: “You have got permission from Google or why you can in Lawnchair?”

Lawnchair: “It’s more like you can use get the font from the Google app” (55.9 KB)

Use at your own risk.


I really dont think they’ll do anything as there are many apps which contain this… I just recommend to have it as a Setting in your app and optional.


I do not want to violate rights. I just want to use it if it is legal.