Google Sheets and Apps Script

At first the post seems terrifying. But as I proceeded accordingly. It worked. Thank you so much :+1:

Sorry I have this problem when i try to go to scrept in my spread sheet

How to fix it

@ABDILAHI_KHAMIS , see this link : Multiple accounts issue with Google Apps Script

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Thank you it solved for your solution.

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Thank you very much ikshefi !

I had 2 problems becouse I´m a beginer and explain solution for others.

  1. To add 3th element in a Kodular “make a list”, using Mutator
  2. To write “row” values, becouse a use bad separator: NOT ” , is this "

:sweat_smile: Thanks, this helped a lot!

How To Input 2 Text Inputs To To Different Rows

HI @ikshefi

Please add a method for creating a new sheet.

You can also use this

Thank you so much for your work, it’s helping me a lot.

I would like your help to create in my API a “deleteRow” command.
I find the code in the manual, but I think I don’t use it correctly in my API. Could you help me ?

Here is the part of my API:


Thanks a lot !


Try this this one work perfect for me

Thx @eagle_vision !

I’ll take time to read it correctly. If I have some problems, I’ll ask you again.


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Hello i had a problem with google spreadsheet with extension
it successfully post data up to 3 columns but not coming in 4 and further columns
please help

hope any one help

Try googlesheets without extension that a mentioned above there is a app script put it on your Google sheet publish it you will be able to post more than 4 line if you don’t come right post you blocks here I will assist

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Codular not Kodular ; IT HURTS :smile:

How to input multi-line data from textbox into a cell on google sheets? Tks!

Good job! Thank you!

Very Detailed Guide. Good Job

that’s crazy!