Customized Google Spreadsheet Best Script Till Now

This is the best Google Spreadsheet Till Now.

Created By - @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki (Done some edits in script by @ikshefi)

Today, I wanted to give you a Script without any guide of it.

There are only one easy method to get your destination.

apiCommand that indicates which function you are use.
And it is easy to get sheet by name.

if(apiCommand == any of 18 function below)
then do function as wise apiCommand.

This new script have 18 functions.

Function added by @Raja_HarshVardhanSolanki is Denoted by added and rebuild.

  1. appendRow
    (It is used to store row in csv format) you need to create a CSV of your data.


  1. getSheetNames(Added)(Work slowly but effectively)
  2. totalRows(Added)
  3. totalColumn(Added)
  4. deleteSheet(Added)
  5. deleteColumn(Added)
  6. deleteRow(Added)
  7. renameSpreadsheet(Added)
  8. setSheetName(Added)
  9. getSpreadsheetName(Added)
  10. deleteContainingRow(Deletes the row that containing a specific text | Not Working Now)(Added)
  11. getRow(Re-Build)
    (Now we are talking about parameter
    You need to pass some Parameters)
    These all are called Parameters


data.parameter.renameSpreadsheetName is parameter

  1. getCell(Most awaited function)(Added)
  2. getColumn(Added)
  3. getRange
  4. setCellValue(Added)
  5. searchText

If you have any problem to implement the Script in app then contact to me from this topic only, I am always ready to help you all.

I don’t give a guide because i want to teach you all that How we can learn from ourselves?(Motivation to Koding).

This is the Script - GoogleCustomizedScript.txt (8.7 KB)
I created an app to test script

GoogleSpreadsheet.apk (5.4 MB)

Test App Screenshot:

Easy interface

Got Result:

As I tried GetRow function with my app see the result.
This is the Parameter for getRow



And this is the function that we are calling


Block that how you can get response from your sheet
This is the simplest of the simplest way to get responses till now.

If you need to add more parameter you can add like this.

This is how you can use Parameters like

I thank to @ikshefi to create this beautiful script and I Customized it.


This is not what a guide is supposed to be, to let users guess what they have to do to make it work. What did you change from the original script?


Could you stop posting a link to your script in multiple places. I unlist this until it is clear how it works and what you have changed from the original developer.

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Is there any way to get multiple row at a time or multiple columns can be updated by this script?
unable to do further… can you more elaborate? but this actually nice one. :+1: :+1: :+1:


google Sheet is better than all other database

where to start lol . im just a beginner

Please Help I want to read set and Get data specific cell at my google spreadsheets - #2 by deanart2012 here is my topic

I’m trying use appendRow command but i take this error message on responseContent
TypeError : Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘appendRow’) (regel 74, bestand ‘kod’)

My codes are: