Google Spreadsheet


I wanna make an anime app for me and my friends.

Is it possible to create with Google Spreadsheet and listview image and text?

I want this data tot have a value and when I click a data the VimeoPlayer will start with its value.

How can I do this?

Thank so much!

Did you try anything?

Yes, I did

I tried to make a ListView with Google Spreadsheet.
I cannot put values ​​for each data and I cannot give the function of the click.

No issue. Show us what you have tried, let we correct it if there is any error

Can I show you tomorrow please? I don’t have my computer. My computer is with my big brther. He works because he has a lot of examen.

No issue. Post your blocks once you have good time.

Thank you so much

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I tried but it does not work.
What are my mistakes?
Sorry I’m new

I think this can help you

Thank you!

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@Ardistot there is a mistake in your block


use correct index number to get datas in list view and then test for collintree

What you are doing guys. This is wrong method

Well, tell us the correct method.

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