Google Sheets and Apps Script

How To Input 2 Text Inputs To To Different Rows

HI @ikshefi

Please add a method for creating a new sheet.

You can also use this

Thank you so much for your work, it’s helping me a lot.

I would like your help to create in my API a “deleteRow” command.
I find the code in the manual, but I think I don’t use it correctly in my API. Could you help me ?

Here is the part of my API:


Thanks a lot !


Try this this one work perfect for me

Thx @eagle_vision !

I’ll take time to read it correctly. If I have some problems, I’ll ask you again.


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Hello i had a problem with google spreadsheet with extension
it successfully post data up to 3 columns but not coming in 4 and further columns
please help

hope any one help

Try googlesheets without extension that a mentioned above there is a app script put it on your Google sheet publish it you will be able to post more than 4 line if you don’t come right post you blocks here I will assist

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Codular not Kodular ; IT HURTS :smile:

How to input multi-line data from textbox into a cell on google sheets? Tks!

Good job! Thank you!

Very Detailed Guide. Good Job

that’s crazy!

I have a question to ask

I created an application where users can clock in and out of work

I would like to give the possibility to export the data to a Google sheet
But I would like to export the data in the following system, check if the page in the sheet is present, otherwise create the page with the user’s name and load everything daily within each user. The times

Believe that with this System it is possible