Google short extension | Test phase

I have a new test extension for you all.
After a successful test phase this extension will be a component here in our great builder.

What can you do with this extension?
You can shortening url links with the help of the google shortening api.
A short url looks after a convert like this:

That’s not all…!
You can too convert back short links into a normal url :slight_smile:

Here is a simple picture that shows you how to use this extension:

Please test this extension and write here how you like it or else.

Download the extension here:
com.NMD.Shortlink.aix (376,3 KB)


wow kool. thats quite helpful

It’s COOL!
Thank you i was need this extension

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how can i get api key

Go to this URL:

And hit this button:

It will give you the setps


You will find here some informations:


i think the url shortener api will not work for new users…

mine is working only the expand url part.
shortener is not working.

The api is deprecated.

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