Google Spreadsheet does't working with recycler list

I’m Using Google SpreadSheet Extension (GSA12) and RecyclerList Extension By ZainulHasan. I"m able to retrieve data (readSheet) from gSheet, but when i’m creating list it create blank space between cards.I’ve tried retrieving data using readCol I was able to retrieve but it give me data in [[][][][]]
data i am getting are in double bracket, so i thought this may have caused the issue. so i made tries using local list, and it was working fine. data is got from local list [],[],[],[] like this.

Also I faced one issue while retrieving data using readCol if i have list of 7 it only retrieve 6 item, and 1-6, and yes i tried remove from list- list_name , index-1
Aia File:-
Test.aia (1.5 MB)

here are the blocks.