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Any extension available to do with Google Spreadsheets the same thing we use to do with Google Fusion Tables?
I’m really not really liking Google Firebase no matter how much I study it, Fusion Tables was an important thing in my project and it’s been shutten down.
Please help…

*I won’t do a workaround that uses code from Google sites because once it’s updated I can lost everything (like App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps)
*The guy in that post offers exactly what I want, but he is missing from the forum and people are complaining that they paid and didn’t receive the .aix file (Google Spreadsheet Extension (Paid))

Hello @iamguilhermelima
You can use the built-in Spreadsheet component(powered by Airtable) available under the Storage section.
It is similar to Google spreadsheet


Oh! Interesting, I’ve tested it a year ago and it hadn’t all those functions.
I think it’ll do the trick.
Thank’s for the tip!

Here is problem related airtable spreadsheet.I am not getting data from it after everything is correct.Can you solve this?

does the fusiontable and google spreadsheet is same :sweat_smile:

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I’m having trouble to store photos into the Airtable Spreadsheet, I’ve created a column with attachments type but the app is unable to send the file.
Would it be necessary to tell in code the path of the file? (Is a photo from gallery)
If so, how can I do it?

you cannot download a image from airtable, you have to convert the image in a base 64 string, that string can be download and encrypted back into a image.

Ouch! Is there a Kodular function or third party extension to do this trick?

You can use Cloudinary or another database for return images. I recommend using Cloudinary because it will give direct link of image.

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One last thing, how can I get the row id from Airtable Spreadsheet?

theres a block to get all rows

Yeah, saw that but once you got the data it’s very difficult to manage inside the app.
Is it possible to query data with conditions just like Google Fusion Tables used to do?

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