Google Translate API

Since Google Translate has a better translation than Yandex, so I would like to use Google Translate API.

Currently, it is only possible to use Google Translate API with this method,

I hope makeroid can make this as a component, so it is easier to use Google Translate API with Makeroid

I have some works on this ready, but we have to fix some annoying bugs with some libraries which are keep being buggy and urgh. So when that is done I can work on this

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Will you remove Yandex Translation if you succeed having support for Google Translate or do you plan to keep them both?

If you ask me, I will suggest you to have a component called “Translator” with a property option to choose between Yandex and Google Translate. In the future you may also feature a Bing Translation option… Completely up to you.


Any news??

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