Got Error While Creating Extention Using Makeroid IDE

Hello @KodularCreator I got this error when I tried to make an extension with Makeroid IDE error.txt (5.5 KB)
here is my java file (3.0 KB) please help me to solve this error

There are some wrong things in the code:
Line 38 must be: public countryIP(ComponentContainer container) {

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@Mika Still Not Working :neutral_face:

Yes there must be some tutorial or some hint for that because every time i try to make an extension and error happened!

The tutorial for all is:
learn JAVA.


Iā€™m trying to learn programming languages myself. No School no teacher no support only youtube. There may be something wrong in my code :cry::cry:

Maybe someone can help you if you post your updated source code.

Here it is (3.0 KB)

I have not testet it but it should work. (2,1 KB)

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@Mika thanks for help :+1:ā€¦ now its working :relaxed::relaxed: