Got Received Shared is not executed for text files

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

When a kodular app is configured to receive text files and a text file is shared with the app from any external source, the “Got Received Shared” method does not receive the text file shared.

Steps to reproduce the issue

1.- Create any new app
2.- Configure it to accept shared text files
3.- Add following blocks in screen1
4.- Go to any other app ( file manager for instance ) and share a text file
5.- The new app will appear in the apps list to share with
6.- Select your app to share the file with it
7.- Tha app will launch but “Got Received Shared” will receive no data (i.e. Type=0)

Expected Behaviour

“Got received Shared” to receive either the shared file path or the shared file text content

Actual Behaviour

“Got received Shared” receives nothing.i.e. Type=0

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Android version


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Hi @Domingo_Garcia I think you should try to add if GetValue != Empty

There’s more to this bug - My device (Samsung Galaxy A50 - Android 10) doesn’t even show the app when I am trying to share a .txt file. The strange thing is, the app appears when file is image/audio/video, (I have enabled to accept every file type) but not when it’s text (.txt).

@Vishwas please add this into Fenix bugs topic :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks!

@vishwas Just wanted to know if there are any update on this.