Got received shared

i wannt to get file(s) from 3rd party apps in my app.
there is a option in Screen1 , in there i enable all types of file.
in my Screen2 i use block ‘When got received shared’ -> this not working.
i cannt get any type/ any value from this.
Help please.

my block ->

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Welcome, try to use these on screen1 is it receiving image on screen1?


yes… it works in screen1

I think it works in screen 1 only, because when you open app from sharing files it takes app to screen 1 and receive files on screen 1 not on screen 2 , and thats not landing data to screen 2

second problem is… it took only single file… is there any good extension?

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No there is not extension i seen yet to do this, maybe soon this feature gets more upgraded functions to do work as you want,

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Perhaps you can use start value or tinyDb to use it across screens

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This is not a bug. This is how it works.
Only screen 1 can receive it.

We disabled it for other screens since there was then the bug, that you can see your app in other share dialogs more then one time.

The app visible number in share dialog was the same number like your screen count number.

Thats why we disabled it for other screens and enabled it only for screen 1.


why multiple file sharing is off?

What?!? Write a clear question…

from 3rd party apps when i share a file there my apps name shown… but if i choose multiple files and click in share button then the apps name not showing.

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