Got Runtime error while creating a video player app

Hello i am creating a video player app using airtable but I got an error message when i install and open app.

Please check this aia file and help me to fix the problem.Videorecycler.aia (2.7 MB)

Post your blocks please

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You have to give info if you want help. You didn’t tell anything about the extensions you use.

You expect someone to download and import your aia and do the testing for you. That is not how it works.

Thanks for informing. I will give complete info from another time. My problem is solved now.

And what was the problem. This is a community. We share knowledge here.

Hi, I have the same problem. Could you tell us how to solve it?

There are some problems in my block, i check it and solved it . You may try the same

Same problems please tell me how you solved it.