Got text web -> set Text input or label

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Please help me with the problem.

Application direction.

Barcode after sacan → get text content in web → set text in text input or label → post web text

This block image.

Thank for help.
web get content:

You must set direction in the web which got text at last.

I send you after scanning the barcode

if calling web1 the data of the 2 fields I color in red is not received, even though the textbox is received.

Pls help me.
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Since the text is not in English you try to use decode textbox text

Instead of using only textbox text just try with

Call web1 URI Decode text (textbox text)

And Try

thanks, I will try to follow your suggestion./

Hello Still-learning

I tried the way you instructed. My project is still not working as it should.

I attached the project for you to see.

I want when I scan the code, my project will save to data. currently with this project my data after scanning the code. (with pictures)
BarcodeTest.aia (6.4 KB)

Have you tried like this?

I am blank what to do next? what to scan next?

Please try it after the barcode results →


scanbarcode → get barcode → get tennhanvien by barcode → get bophan by barcode → save to the table → start scanning and continue.

I’m making it as a timekeeper.

what it should contain?

YOur app , you only know what to do. Your lang is different

Hi Still-learning
Barcode = Scanbarcode result ( [employee_code])
tennhanvien = get tennhanvien mysql according to Scanbarcode result
bophan = get bophan mysql according to Scanbarcode result
save to table

end → next scan

No need to click the Button

Is data saved to local network ? No one can access that ip

May be i am weak in understanfing you :sob: … you told to scan, but what the qr code must contain? i dont know whether you are asking that or facing error in that… Based on my attempt, i am able to see the text and not empty

Hi Still-learning

Barcodes include employee codes.

hi dora_paz


then we cannot test it from our end, you only have to test it… Sorry

Hi Still-learning
Sorry, I will move it on hosting

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Thank Still-learning & dora_paz

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