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Hello everyone! I am creating a tower defense style game.
I haven’t started working on the actual game yet, but currently I could use some help on the graphics ( yes, I can’t draw and yes, I don’t have much imagination LOL )
Can you give me some advice on how to do the graphics?
I leave you the file.AIA so you can see a little bit and you can also change the graphics of the menu and credits as you like.
P.S I will also put you in the credits (only if the app will be really launched).
Thanks :slight_smile:

Tower_defense.aia (4.1 MB)

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If you don’t want nor have the time to do the graphics, you can download free vectors of the structures you want.

There are also free vector programs to make your own graphics. I recommend you to start by making simple graphics to get used to the software and start putting them in your game.

I’m talking about the menu graphics and credits. Maybe I misunderstood you and I were talking about the menu graphics (lol)

From the AIA you attached, you don’t have anything besides a splash screen. When you are making a game, you need to have the base structure of how your game works.

For a main menu, maybe you have a shop, different options to change the game, settings… First develop the core of the game, and then we can talk about graphics.

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I agree with @mayoiha, its 10x better to make the funcional app and after this if its good you start to search and make your design.