Grid Card View with Firebase Problem

Hi, i want to create chat app with Grid Card View.
The idea is like this :

But after i create the blocks, the resault is weird each image is duplicated around 10 time.

Heres my blocks:

Something is wrong with my block, but I can’t find it. I have tried various methods but the results are the same. Can someone help me?

  • I am using dynamic component and firebase database



I would first check that the data you receive from firebase is correct.
Put each variable in a label to see if you get each list correctly.

In the procedure you make a difference between odd and even numbers. And you assign a different arrangement to each one. But you assign the same ID.
For the cardviews you are using a vertical arrangement and you should use a Vertical Scroll Arregment.
And if you create 2 cardviews, they should have 2 different IDs. And then create 2 dynamic images with different IDs

Why you use firebase for it use instead it’s too easy and with no bugs

I already separate it with "for each number"and the arrangement in create image, so when the number is 1 the image is arrange in card view id 1 which is in vertical 1 and when the number is 2 is in card view id 2 and vertical 2 its correct?

I am new in airtable and i found that firebase is faster but can you make an example for grid card view in airtable? Thanks by the way

Try with get number


Still the same result