Grid view (custom data arrange)

Grid view with auto custom data arange in row and colums…(without any extention):smiley::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Don’t take me wrong,
But Discuss Category is for Discussion of your Problems related to Koding.
Not for showing your feats.
if you want you can make a Guide of it.

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Ohh sorry…actually am new

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You can make a guide out of it. If it is a showcase, you may want to post it in #koded

And provide apk if you want other to test.


ok… can i remove this post? actually i want becuase uploaded there…

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You can use the edit function to change it.
If you want to edit category/title/tags, click this

If you want to edit a post:


Actually i posted again this post with proper tag…now i want to delete this post

That isn’t allowed.As you’vedviced.Use the edit function.

Actually, You can’t, one of your topics will gonna be unlisted or closed by a moderator.That’s the only solution

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Your profile shows you joined in September 2019 and your first post was 05/09/2019.

I’m afraid the Admin staff won’t be fooled by your claim of being new.

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yes i joined but only visit community portion…extentions etc

Can you Post Tutorial ?

Blocks Image ?