Grid View Extension Needed| Calling for Extension Developers

I want a Grid View Extension With Async Image Loading and which Works Perfectly In All Android Version including Android 9. I need Options for Custom Font, Font Size, Loading Image, Click Detection etc. Any Extension developer who can make this Extension can DM Me the Price and Details.


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there already are
Grid Card Extension by Andres Daniel (custom extension: 55 USD)
Grid Switch Extension by Andres Daniel (15 USD)
Grid View Extension by Andres Daniel (15 USD)
Select Path Grid View Extension by Andres Daniel (20 USD)
Various Grid 3 in one Extension by Said Dev (16 EUR)
Grid Cardview Extension by Kus Zab (16 USD)
Own Grid Cardview Extension by Kus Zab (22 USD)

you might want to ask one of those developers, if they can add the functionality you are missing…

see also the extensions directory here App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


every extension is paid

well… yes…
because each developer spent several days to create each of the extensions…

you might want to learn creating extensions yourself…
See the App Inventor Extensions document about how to do it…
looking forward to your free contributions…



No of these have Custom Font So i wanted a new extension made for my particular use. I can pay as well.

As much as I love to do it i don’t have a proper reference to learn to do it

If i could make some extensions

Hi, you can do the Grid with the simple elements that Kodular brings. The card view component you can use, then put an image above and fonts below with your custom fonts. All that to your measure, is very simple. The Async image you can use the component that brings Kodular or another.

But the data is dynamic and i will have no idea how much images and text i would get from the api

For dynamic data you can use this extension click here to know more

I checked it Already There is no Option For Custom Font and also it wont Work in Android 9

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it support the custom font

No I tried it already and it does not work, also it wont show the grid in Android 9

are you buy it .If you donot buy it ,then it is not work .

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