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App Name: Tic Evolution.
Enjoy the Fabulous Tic Evolution, Play with friends and family. All you need is to enter your Name and your friends name, and you’re set to go. This game improves your thinking capacity, why not try now!.

  1. Multi-player Game.
  2. More features coming soon.
    Comment and Suggestions are welcomed.
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I tried it. It’s a nice tic tac toe game.
Are you planning on adding playing against the cpu? That would be a nice update.

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Thank you very much. Yes, I have even worked on it but am not getting it, I will appreciate if you can help.

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I suggest adding a privacy policy, because the play store will unpublish your app in a few days.


I will do that, but I don’t have a website can I do the privacy policy within the app?

Sure, or use and when done you have an option to host the PP, select that.


Thank you so much, I will do that.

The easy way (and the only one I know :grin:).

Your cells are identified with a system like this:

1,1 2,1 3,1
1,2 2,2 3,2
1,3 2,3 3,3

First evaluate cell by cell if you can win.

For cell 1,1 you need to check:

if 1,1 is empty
(1,2 = x and 1,3 = x
2,2 = x and 3,3 = x
2,1 = x and 3,1 = x)

then set 1,1 to x

You do the same for every cell.
If you can’t win, then the next step is to try to block the opponent from winning. So you do almost the same but checking for o’s instead of x’s

If you find there was nothing to block, then just select a random cell from the available (empty) ones.


Thank you for your response.

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