Grouping Blocks

I know that this isn’t a feature, but it would be nice if there were a way to create a block group and keep them together for organization purposes. For example, I’m doing several different things on my initial startup/loading screen and if I could “fence in” or group the associated blocks it would make it easier to go through the thousand blocks that make up that one screen looking for what is needed.


Our blocks are always plug and play type only…
One way is, make procedure… add the procedure into buypack. You can get it back even whatever project you are in

I was more thinking about being able to say “This group is for this” where I can keep procedures, variables, and functions that are dedicated to one process. My loading screen has login, data verification, web posting, and push notification stuff all running and sometimes it gets a little confusing where everything is… especially if I wind up sorting by category or something to try to clean up the block canvas.

I do try to separate functionality into procedures, the screen I’m currently working on has about 15 procedures written and there will probably be more by the time I’m done.

Yeap of course, it is always tough only if we use more blocks.

The only way is, you create yourself colum like blocks. I e first column blocks for log in, 2nd column blocks for this purpose. So it will be easy to cross check . I am doing like that only.

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Yeah, it’s an “I Want” post. It would be nice, I know it’ll probably never actually happen.

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Read these

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