Groups app aia file free download

(aiacart) #1

App Name: Groups app


  • Best UI
  • 12 Categories of Groups
  • Each category has 5 to 6 groups
  • Connected to airtable
  • Join Fast
  • Load Fast
  • Group show with Name, Group Image and Join Button
  • User can add groups to any category

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Developer: (aiacart)

WARNING: It is not for upload to playstore it is use only for study purpose and if you upload it on playstore the app will suspend.

(Deepanshu Arya) #2

Your app name contain the text “Whatsapp” which is not legal to use and you didn’t even follow the capitalization of the brand…
It’s illegal

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(Santosh Kumar) #3

This app is banned by Google play if it is published on Google play store then the app will be suspended soon from play store

(aiacart) #4

It is not for upload to playstore