Groups app aia file free download

App Name: Groups app


  • Best UI
  • 12 Categories of Groups
  • Each category has 5 to 6 groups
  • Connected to airtable
  • Join Fast
  • Load Fast
  • Group show with Name, Group Image and Join Button
  • User can add groups to any category

[Download APK]

[Download aia file]

Developer: (aiacart)

WARNING: It is not for upload to playstore it is use only for study purpose and if you upload it on playstore the app will suspend.

Your app name contain the text “Whatsapp” which is not legal to use and you didn’t even follow the capitalization of the brand…
It’s illegal


This app is banned by Google play if it is published on Google play store then the app will be suspended soon from play store

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It is not for upload to playstore

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I have uploaded same type of app on play store. After some time it got suspended . I could not understand why it got suspended. ?

@new_code see this