GSHEET - problem with connection

Hello i have working app for work with gsheet. But i have one problem with connection. Both scripts is in one google account, but one have working URL : s c r i p words/exec
and after five days i try make new script file, but implement generator give me this URL, which not work in this same app. s c r i p words/exec
Can you help me?

if you deploy new, then you must update it in your aia too… Did you?

My school based based on gsheet only with script enabled only… so for i feel/face no issue

Sorry, i have. Problem is in domain in URL, know any any idea? Thank you

Unable to get you.

yes. this problem

No, i meant i am unable to understand you i Said.

If possible shate the link to know the result. Or share the response as screnshot of your script url

What script did you used in editor?

Can you full blocks? Have you test the web url in browser?

no this app is very big. I have problem after change this two URLs. Problem is in add to our domain name in this URL. Then we cand get data only message from google about error.

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