Guide : || How To Get Data From Airtable in A sequential Manner ||

Hello Friends, Today i am going to share you a way to get cells from airtable in a sequential manner using only one spreadsheet component

Actual Issue -

The issue is that if we use " get row " and assign indexes to labels then the cells got are not in sequential order…

From This Image We can understand the issue much more clearly …

In this image we can clearly see that the Data is in This Format - ABCDE of Column 12345 but airtable is sending Data in This Specific Format Every Time - BEADC of Column 25143

We can see that this is not in sequential order

So how to do that ??

Some will say use " get cell " but if we have 9 -10 cells then using get cell is little complicated as we have to use 9-10 Spreadsheet component

This Can Be Skipped Using My trick

Components Required –

  • Spreadsheet
  • Labels
  • Buttons

In this trick We will Use A global variable which is assigned to 0.


and a button to refresh the screen
when screen initialize call get data

When screen will call get data get cell will be called
and when the cell is got this block will run here the count will be increased in order to get all cells one by one without using more than one component (spreadsheet)

hope You all will like this guide and try this method in you projects !

Last Words

As you all know firebase db is slow than airtable so using airtable should not being complicated use my method to get different cells without use of so many components


Aia - airtable(1).aia (4.8 KB)

Apk - Will be uploaded in next 20 minutes

No extension is used …

Credits @ADDYLIN

Thank you addylin for image


Good work.

But ultimately you are also using Get Cell.

And you forgot to Credit Someone.

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I put all the information on my airtable, but still don’t return any value …

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It’s the only way out but I am using only one component and it’s not much complicated

It should work I have tested it

As I said, no information came back to me.
I created it just for testing.
see if I happen to be doing something wrong in airtable!

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Please share blocks so that I can see and please include a screenshot of your table at airtable for better understanding

I practically used your .aia
I just put my breathable data

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oh so please include the airtable screenshot

I had even mentioned the airtable link up there, I thought I saw it!

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Are you serious that’s an api link…
Show your blocks. Or else no one can help you.

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Great effort and awesome tutorial

No firebase db is far more faster than Airtable
U can try it :wink:


@Zia_Choudhary I think the OP mixed them up, or is it? :thinking:

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@WatermelonIce not get your point!!!

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I mean the original poster might mixed up which is database is faster overall.


Yes may be that’s why i cleared the point thay firebase db is far more faster than Airtable


Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You are saying that firebase is faster but when I was using firebase in my app it was taking time but when I used airtable it was working very fast as compared to firebase in my case…:wink:

Please check that API key and base id is right in kodular and please ensure that you are using same column name in kodular also :wink:

:+1:t2: :+1:t2: Nice Work !!