[GUIDE] How to play large Google Drive Videos on Kodular (tutorial)

To play large videos with direct link from Google Drive, we will need an extension:

[FREE] HPass - HTML Parser (Beta v0.1.0) - Extensions - Kodular Community

After installing the extension in your project, follow the step by step

Step 1:

Let’s create a connection with the export link of your video like this
In ConnectionId you will create your id.

In Url, put the export link of your google drive video

Step 2:

With the GetDocument block, you will create an id to your document with the id of your connection (previously created)

Step 3:

Now you will use the GotDocument event block. In it you will add your favorite Video Player

Step 4:

Then, you must assemble your blocks in this structure, so that the extension parses the html of your link and takes the absolute url of the video

This structure should be where you receive the url for reading in the video player

Ready! Now you can play large videos (over 100mb) directly with the google drive link

Youtube Video Tutorial:

[How to play large Google Drive Videos on Kodular - YouTube]


At first I tried it and it worked, but now it gives error

Bandwidth problem, something working something not playing
Use hosting for videos


So how to hosting for videos?

You have to purchase vps hosting search video on youtube

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