Ha hello the mobile number already exist in our google spreadsheet list checking possible

Can we know whether the mobile number is in the google spreadsheet list or not it is possible???

Easily you can do it by using gviz

In the web url instead of csv, using html and run in web browser and test. If it returns value mobile number is exist if not then mobile number is doesnot exist

Without givz possible ???

Call the mobile col values, then use is in the list block , (using range method advised in your previous topic)

If the mobile number is the list
Then alert user registered
Else proceed for registration

Please send demo block arrangement

Call the mobile number column

Use one global variable

When web got text
Set global variable to list from csv table text to get response content

Then apply the above method

(But gviz is best for you)

I will try to set and i will send photo thanks for response

Next step i don’t know please help me

  1. Don’t use length of the list

Use list from csv table text to

In the if block use Is in the list list (get global number) thing (mobile number.text)
Then notifier or any lable text to (mobile number is found)
Else notifier or any lable text to (mobile number doesnot found)

Please send block arrangement dear i cant find list list block please

It is currect???

I am not in system…

All the above words have to convert into blocks…

You have to refer the blocks from under list category .

Blocks are nothing , they are your statements… we are converting our logics into blocks that’s all

Here you motto is, have to check whether the number is in the list or not

Ok dear thanks for response i will definitely try dear

Here your if statement will consider or understand by your app as Boolean (true or false)

We don’t need it. You have to use,
Is in the list

Ok i will try to set thanks​:heart::heart::heart:

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It is correct dear ???

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That’s it… you have learned it . Now complete the remaining blocks

Only one thing…

Move this if then block into when web got text

But do not call the url in screen initialise…
Call then web url after clicking the button

Please explain remaining block dear i don’t know remaining block dear

But not working Already exist notification dear

Make sure you have set the gsheet share permission to viewer by anyone

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