Had Purchased The Premium But Still Shhowing

I had purchased the kodular premium. but still its showing FREE, so whhen will i can use the premium.


Wait for sometime please. Changes will take effect in a while.

Can you share receipt of payment?
Then they will defenitely help you.

Contact moderator or staff by dm them.

@Boban & @Kodular take look on this


Wait for some more time @Earn_Money_online has tagged them.
Soon they will help you.

the attitude of the administration towards those who paid money for the premium service is terrible. the man is waiting for an answer for the third day and no one helps him. is it worth buying premium with this attitude


a deplorable service, they leave much to be desired, and much to regret for the users who paid, since they took out premium, all those responsible disappeared.
but beware that criticism is prohibited and censorship is the order of the day. Are things by their name

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how can i contact support, to activate my premium account because its still showing free

Wait 24 hour active automatically

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