Half a million...

(Bijaya Paudel) #21

Wow Congratulations Kodular…You are really awesome :ok_hand::ok_hand: Congratulations to all kodders as well… But what’s happen to Admob ?! :cry::cry:

(Nikhil27B YT) #22

Its fixed in new future update

(Daniel) #23

Wow, with this it’s just more bigger! :+1: Congrats!

(Daniel) #24

The big that’s actually small :joy:

(Pablo A. Rod.) #25

Wow, if it is half a million that opened an app created with kodular at least one 26th of december then probably the number of users with an app installed is probably of 8 digits or close to that!

(Shobhit Sharma) #26

Yes! I agree with it.

(Shobhit Sharma) #27

Congratulations Kodular Team!

(Mr Nicolas) #28

4-5 mgb is zipped version, after installation it is 30-40. Forexample my apk is 7 mgb. But after installation it is 48 mgb ((

(Mr Nicolas) #29

How do you see users of apps made with Kodular? How do you get this statistics?

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #30

Using Fabric

It also provides usage stats
We had time ago at Kodular Account a card which also provided them to users:

But Fabric is being migrated to Firebase, and they stopped their API so we had to remove it
We still get them using their Dashboard

(Harsh Pratap Singh) #31

congrats to all in advance for completing 1 million users fastly

(anuragtekam0) #32

Wow seems very early to me


(Yusuf Cihan) #33

App size will be different in different devices. You can use less components and less extensions to reduce your app size for now.

(Nathan) #34

Are you saying that this “feature” will be gone later :joy:

(Yusuf Cihan) #35

No, I mean more ways to decrease app size can be added later. Because there is a thing called Android App Bundle to make app size smaller.

You can decrease app size but it is not supported in Kodular (for now :smirk:). So I said “for now”.

(anuragtekam0) #36

But then how sketchware managed to make apps with very low size

(Shreyash) #37

Because neither Kodular is Sketchware nor Sketchware is Kodular.

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #38

22nd January 2019

We just keep beating our records! :tada:

Thanks everyone who uses Kodular and creates those awesome apps which are used by millions of users every month! :blush:

100,000 :bust_in_silhouette:
(Alrmily) #39

You deserve more than that
I hope you will hit a million​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::hugs:

(Vj Jksah) #40